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One Quote that Resonates

It's being willing to walk away that gives you strength and power - if you're willing to accept the consequences of doing what you want to do.  ~Whoopie Goldberg

Excerpt #2 "The Emotional Woman" The Life of Coral

Coral's mother had opened her home to a man with no history. Although, Gidgy worked ten-hour shifts at the nearby canning plant. He lived a fairly secret life. After Lea's illness began to invade much of her life, her nights eventually became increasingly lonely. Soon rumors began to spread that Gidgy was spending most of his late nights in the company of unsavory individuals at the local pool halls. A few concerned friends did some asking around and later found out that Gidgy was originally from St. Louis. He was apparently a loner. With no lingering wife, or expecting mouths to feed. Mostly, he lived a life consumed with women, drinking and filth. 
That was another thing that bothered her about Gidgy, the fact that he rented whores all over town and her mother seemed clueless to the Sweet Bred gossip.  It was more than just gossip though, because old man Henry Lee had found his wife Big Edna in the bed with that loser and everyone knew about it that night. Secretly, Coral had…

Encore! Excerpt #1, The Emotional Woman

Dear Journal,

We lived a life filled with intentional loss of memory over a man, and father that was no longer required. On the contrary, I needed him. The man with no name face. I required a physical fortress to protect me from the darkness lurking inside Building 232, and the harshness tormenting me from the outside.
There were times I wondered if I looked like him, my father that is? I believed that I had because my mother would stare at me for hours, her eyes numb ...lips and fingers twitching, “ Hmm, ...simply terrifying.” 
Remembering from past arguments with Coral, my father had never truly loved my mother. That he’d eventually turned his back on us. Coral pregnant at the tender age of fourteen with me twirling in her womb. My mother was careful to mention very little details confirming his existence, “A down right hateful bastard.” Speaking nervously, constantly twitching.
How ironic that I would come to think the same of her.
Surely, this is painful to desire a mother’s love…

An Intimate Afternoon w/An Author

The Intimate Reading ~This Fall
Several years ago, after struggling with an emotional lay-off and feeling a bit lost. I began to write a story of two women who had both suffered a tremendous loss of life, love and hope. As the pages increased, so did my love for this unfortunate family. Beckoning to be more than a short story, The Emotional Woman was penned. Coral Williams and her daughter, Zola have forever changed my life and I look forward to the novel's magnificent reveal. ~J.R.Randle