Pied-à-terre Dreams

Transported beyond my normal existence I find myself roaming free, exploring the world, my mind remaining clear.  Conceptualizing and visualizing this new world that I've become attached to ... where I now live and breathe. In movement, unable to permanently be grounded I've taken residence in NYC, Midtown to be exact. Today, I find myself positioned high up on the twenty-first floor. Embracing the city life from a writer's view: Consumed with various sounds ...pulsating, over-powering. Awakening my soul. Composing wishes with my words. I feel invigorated. Reborn. Writing from my pied a`terre window,  I've fallen in love with what surrounds me. These vivid images of inspiration I welcome within. The people ...the vehicles ...the food being sold.

I will soon be returning to Detroit as I am only here temporarily.

Transported beyond my normal existence- living the writer's life. In a dream-like state observing, creating ...still in movement unable to permanently be g…

Day 29, Meet The Phenomenal, J. California-Cooper...

Joan California Cooper first found recognition as a playwright. The author of seventeen plays, she was named Black Playwright of the Year in 1978. It was through her work in the theater that she caught the attention of acclaimed poet and novelist Alice Walker. Encouraged by Walker to turn her popular storytelling skills to fiction, Cooper wrote her first collection of short stories, A Piece of Mine, in 1984. Called "rich in wisdom and insight," A Piece of Mine introduced Cooper's trademark style: her intimate and energetic narration, sympathetic yet sometimes troubled characters, and the profound moral messages that underlie seemingly simple stories. The collection contains 12 short stories of troubles in a black, small town setting. They are narrated in a relaxed, anecdotal, almost confessional style, usually by older, wiser women. The focus of most of these stories is abusive men, and the women who get revenge on them. The stories are full of energy, humor and persona…

Creative ...Fascinating .... Extremely Gifted

Day 27, brings a POWERFUL energy unlike any other.
Gifted Quadruple Threat: Actress, Author, Poet and Grammy-winning Singer-Songwriter, The Enchanting Musical Genius Ms. Jill Scott!

She is an artist with an abiding,deep commitment to lyrical honesty and musical integrity. Simply put,if Jill Scott feels it,she writes and sings it. While vivid imagery,metaphor analogy are her stock in trade,there’s no pretense ,no hiding. 
She’s upfront,in-your-face always real,using her own distinctive poetry to breathe life into words,digging inside to bring forth the accompanying emotion. It is that authenticity that has endeared Jill Scott to everyday music buyers who hear what she’s saying through her music and respond according. 
Folks who know the rough and tumble of life,love right,love wrong,passion misspent,passion fulfilled,lonely nights and empty days and everything in between declare,‘Yeah,girl!,’ ‘Go ‘head on!’ and ‘I feel ya’. And in the tradition of the four albums that …

The Amazing Sculptor, Deniece Daniels!

Deniece Daniels was born in Detroit, MI. She fell in love with art while in elementary school. Her teacher noticed her creativity and gave her all the art time she wanted. She continued her art in middle school where she was a member of the art club and finished at Martin Luther King High School where she was in the first graduating
class. During her time at King High School she was sculpting live models for the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Deniece was written about in the Detroit newspaper as one of the best sculptors while working for the DIA. After graduating from King High School she worked at the DIA, where her and her team designed and created the play escape located on Palmer outside of the DIA. Unfortunately, she made the hard decision to walk away from sculpting and began working at the USPS. She was a starving artist who wanted to provide a life for her son and the money she was making at the DIA wasn't steady enough.
Deniece was away from sculpting but it remained …

Celebrating Detroit's, Fabulous Stacey Watson

Sizta 2 Sizta Healthy Hair Care Company was founded in 2003 after Stacey's personal and devastating ups and downs with hair issues for most of her life. S2SHHC was born out of frustration of the inability of African American women to grow and maintain long healthy hair. 
In late 2003, after doing extensive research Watson developed her first hair condition (S2S Deep Penetrating Conditioner) along with a hair growth technique called "Growing Hair One Inch At A Time" which enabled Stacey to go from short broken and damaged hair to hair past her bra strap. 
Sizta 2 Sizta Healthy Hair Care Company has gone from one product to an entire product line. Through re-education via Stacey's hair care guide and products, Watson continues to assist women of color across the world in achieving and maintaining the long healthy hair they have desired since childhood. ©StaceyWatson
I would like to add that Stacey Watson's line has definitely expanded, now offering a Masculine Scent f…

Inspired by the Amazing Lisa Ling!

Celebrating AMAZING WOMEN  in the month of March & Beyond! Today, the honor goes to the incredibly Fierce and highly revered, American Journalist, Host, and Special Correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show, and CNN ...Lisa Ling!
As the field correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show and contributor to ABC News' Nightline and National Geographic's Explorer, Lisa Ling has reported from dozens of countries, covering stories about gang rape in the Congo, bride burning in India and the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, among other issues that are too often ignored.
Ling has covered the drug war in Colombia, investigated the notorious MS-13 gang, and explored the culture of U.S. prisons. She also was allowed to travel into North Korea as part of a medical missionary group, where she and a film team were able to document a rare look into North Korea. The trip was documented in the 2007 National Geographic documentary "Inside North Korea".
Lisa has also has reported on t…

Chandra Wilson, We Celebrate your Amazingness!

Today, we explore the Amazing life of Mrs. Chandra Wilson~ {Dr. Miranda Bailey, of Grey's   Anatomy}!
Actress Chandra Wilson was born August 27, 1969, in Houston, Texas. She made her New York stage debut in 1991. She also began to land guest spots on a variety of prime-time television shows. She made her big-screen debut in the 1993 film Philadelphia. In 2005, she landed the breakthrough role she had been waiting for as Dr. Miranda Bailey on the wildly popular ABC prime-time show Grey's Anatomy.

Her mother, a postal worker, wanted to keep her daughter active, so she enrolled Chandra in a litany of after-school activities that would set the course for her show business career. By the age of five, Wilson was performing in musicals with Houston's Theatre Under the Stars company. 

She attended Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and continued on to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with a BFA in drama in 1991.

She made her N…

Exploring the gifted literary novelist ...Dorothy Allison!

Celebrating women for the month of March {and beyond!}  Exploring the GIFTED literary novelist ...Dorothy Allison!

Dorothy Allison is an American writer, speaker, and member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers. Themes in Allison's work include class struggle, child and sexual abuse, women, lesbianism, feminism, and family.~ Goodreads

In her potent memoir and manifesto, “Two or Three Things I Know for Sure,” Dorothy Allison writes, “Oh, I could tell you stories that would darken the sky and stop the blood.” And then she declares, “I am not here to make anyone happy. What I am here for is to claim my life, my mama's death, our losses and our triumphs, to name them for myself.”

It's true that Allison writes unflinchingly about dark matters, most resoundingly in her world-altering masterpiece, “Bastard out of Carolina,” the indelible story of a young girl called Bone and her poor, fiercely loyal and catastrophically violent outlaw family. But Allison does make people happy no…