The Amazing Sculptor, Deniece Daniels!

Deniece Daniels was born in Detroit, MI. She fell in love with art while in elementary school. Her teacher noticed her creativity and gave her all the art time she wanted. She continued her art in middle school where she was a member of the art club and finished at Martin Luther King High School where she was in the first graduating

class. During her time at King High School she was sculpting live models for the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Deniece was written about in the Detroit newspaper as one of the best sculptors while working for the DIA. After graduating from King High School she worked at the DIA, where her and her team designed and created the play escape located on Palmer outside of the DIA. Unfortunately, she made the hard decision to walk away from sculpting and began working at the USPS. She was a starving artist who wanted to provide a life for her son and the money she was making at the DIA wasn't steady enough.
Deniece was away from sculpting but it remained her passion. After 35 1/2 years she retired from the Postal Service and after talking with her son she again began her first love... sculpting. She began taking a class with several world renown artist and soon was hired to help out at the art studio and assist in teaching some classes.

Deniece is very passionate about her sculpting. She has sold pieces at many distinguished art galleries and selective art shows. In 2011 she was invited to become a member of The Detroit Sculptures Guild. Since then she has become a member of The Grosse Pointe Art Museum and has several pieces selected to be shown at the Lawrence Street Gallery. People from different places including Canada, New York, France and throughout Michigan have fallen in love with her work and have purchased pieces to add to their fine art collections.
Of Deniece's art work, "The Smoochies (c)", is her collection that has been a staple in the art world. This Collection is comprised of four pieces, Don't Talk To Me (c), No Way (One) (c), No Way (Two) (c) and Kiss And Make Up (c). These timeless pieces are very unique and give raw expressions of attitude and love. They are great pieces individually or as a set.
Deniece continues to create masterpieces using live models, pictures and her creative mind. She sculpts bi-reliefs, busts, entire bodies in any pose (nude or clothed), animals and more. Her artistic ability is limitless.

Follow her art career as she continues to progress as one of the premiere sculptors in America and the world. 


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