Celebrated Women: March is our Month, Ladies!

Celebrating women for the month of March {and beyond!}
Exploring the Fabulous Jamaica Kincaid!

Jamaica Kincaid was born on May 25, 1949 in Antigua. She was christened Elaine Potter Richardson, but when she fled the island at the age of seventeen. When she left her family as well as her name behind and entered North America as Jamaica Kincaid. Her work is considered autobiographical work. She worked first in New York City as an au pair, for an upper class family much like the one pictured in Lucy. She left this work to study photography at the New School for Social Research and then went on to Franconia College in New Hampshire (but did not take a degree) before returning to New York. There she became a regular contributor to the New Yorker magazine, writing for nearly twenty years (1976-1995) before the arrival of new management convinced her to leave. She now resides in Bennington Vermont with her husband and children.~Writers of the Caribbean

Notable works: Annie John (1983) Small Place (1988) Lucy (1990) The Autobiography of My Mother (1996)
Brother (1997)


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