Women In Power, Motivating and Inspiring!

There’s a New Woman in town! Inspiring, motivating and leading the way to a greater power!  
Not only of a financial power, 
but a power within ...self-empowerment!  
She lives a humble, yet confident life, instead of remaining lost ...she’s fighting back! Creating happiness one day at-a-time.

Searching, and exploring the world ...this NewWoman understands her true desires. Not afraid to move forward her spirit drives her closer to a remarkable accomplishment.

Not invisible, nor a super hero, this New Woman is absolutely Real. Perfection living a mile away, flaws neighboring beside her. First to admit, the New Woman can be severely obstinate and down right relentless. More often in need of a good friend to hear her closeted cries.

In a world filled with a variety of beautiful illustrious women, the New Woman is carefully emerging, setting her sights on her rightful place, on top of the world's philanthropic throne. Forever significant and positively magnificent ...she is Adventurous...Passionate and Incredibly Loved.


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J.R. Randle, 
Independent Author & Publisher 



  1. Hi Bk,

    Aww, Thank You Much!
    Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoyed it:}

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my book cover.

    That's a great picture, too!

    1. Hi Kelly-

      Sorry for the delay, and you're truly Welcome!
      Thanks, for the wonderful compliment:}


  3. Hi darling, you were so nice to leave a comment on my column at The Equals Record, grazie! I'm flattered.

    1. Hi Alice~

      Truly enjoyed reading & sharing your column. Look forward to the next one:}

      Wishing you a Fabulous Day!

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