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                               God, life changes faster than you think. ~Amy Tan 

Today, I came across this quote, it reminded me of something my brother shared during one of our intense conversations. Without divulging any of his personal thoughts or secrets. My brother clearly expressed his disdain for how fast the seasons change. The deeper the conversation evolved the clearer it had become that my brother not only spoke of changing seasons but how sudden one's life can transform. A metamorphosis of experiences, memories and love, simply rearranging itself into one unusual cluster of brand newness.

The strong, powerful relationships you once held close are now pieces of delicate petals left to scatter in the remembrance of your mind. The affection and fondness you treasured and shared has unexpectedly vanished. All choices and decisions previously made are now exchanged or severed. Life as you knew it ... lies beneath, suffocating within. Angry, dishearten and filled with doubt, continuously questioning how life shifted without notice.

Agonized by misfortune.
Struggling to exist.
Striving to grasp for the normalcy lost.

After saying our mutual good bye's and I love you's.  I'd left my brother fumbling with his keys in one hand, and balancing his cane in the other. It was then that I realized the depth of my brother's transformation. Still, I wait ...I wait for that glorious day to arrive! When my brother recognizes the true height of his courage-the incredible measure of his unbelievable resolve!

Although, this conversation has since past, my brother's words continue to remain with me. Reminding me like the seasons, life changes faster than you think. So, be brave ... accept each day, as it appears and live life to the fullest.

J.R. Randle~The Emotional Woman


  1. How poetic, life suddenly changing is a theme my family and my friends discuss daily.

    Life suddenly changing brings to mind when President Obama was first elected. I remember him campaigning and I remember being afraid to hope the best for him. Face it, America has not been kind to its citizens of African descent.

    When he was elected, I was completely blown away. Never in my wildest imagination did I think this country would ever elect an African American to the highest office, but they did.

    Life changes faster than we think.

    We have made significant grounds on the face of things, but at the same time we have taken a few steps back. Racism is rearing its ugly head, however, we must persevere and continue to press forward. We must continue to make the changes that Dr. Martin Luther King and others marched to bring to fruition.

    Life changes faster than we think.

    You may or may not have heard today that 33,000 of our soldiers are leaving Afghanistan.

    Life does change faster than we think.

    Now let's bring the rest of the boys home; bring them back alive as Freda Payne once sung.

  2. WOW! Yvonne!- Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment. I truly appreciate the feedback. Yes, I am big believer in change, on many levels.

    J.R. Randle

  3. One thing I struggle with is learning to accept life's uncertainty and work with it rather than fear it or be anxious about it. Part of that is not knowing how things will change, though you work towards making them change for the better hopefully.

    1. Hi Hila~

      I believe most of us are afraid of the not knowing, the fear of no control. As I am, a bit of a control freak-it drives me me crazy sometimes! Still, I find myself several days or months later reflecting on how my life has changed and I can't help but recognize a few positives.

      Change comes in many variations, which is why for a simple word it remains a complexity for so many people. As we grow, so does our relationships; our lives forever transform in health, employment, religion and goals. Even when we feel as though nothing has changed, and we haven't metamorphosed to our full potential. Hopefully, we've made an impact on someone or something in this world, to cause change. {positive I hope:}

      Appreciate the response Hila & thank you for connecting with me.

      Take Care & Hope you enjoy my experiences through writing.

      J.R. Randle

  4. Change is slow. It's sometimes wonderful. Guess we just have to live long enough to see how wonderful!

    1. Hi C. Lee!

      BTW, I love your profile photo, so bubbly:}

      Living long enough to see how wonderful, is the key! Does change in our life, sometimes create obstacles or experiences in our life, where we can then learn from and obtain wisdom?

      The longer we live, the more lessons we are taught to advise or help others that are going through similar changes? Your comment reminds me of something my grandmothers would tell me~ Just live long enough to see the remarkable change, in yourself and in the world.

      Thank you for helping me remember & I appreciate your response.

      Take Care & Hope you enjoy my experiences through writing.

      J.R. Randle


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