One Broken Down Car, and A Dream!

Over the past three weeks, I've come to find myself placed in various conversations with many interesting people.  The popular topic of discussion clearly consisted of both men and women in search of their true destiny...the real reason for their existence.  Many of us share the dream of cutting loose of our nine-to-five's in quest of creative freedom.  In hopes of leaping out from amongst the numerous "...Could I, Should I's and What If's".  
Free to explore our passions, in pursuit of what truly makes us happy as individuals, and hopefully become successful in the process. 

Which, brings me to the meat of this post and to the focus of most of my recent conversations, The Fear! 
While on the path to creative freedom  what are you Really giving up to reach your dreams?  As the fear sweeps in, beginning to rush through your body, tranquilizing and suffocating your mind with worries and doubt.  The nerves surrenders to the angst and all of the things you've dreamt of independently achieving becomes nothing more than chaotic chatter! 

What are you leaving behind on your lonely road to entrepreneurship?
An excellent benefit package: 401k or 403b retirement savings, dependable medical insurance, tuition reimbursement, a company car and lets not forget a steady pay check... the list can go on and on!  Again, allowing those pesky lingering thoughts to creep in and take control of all hopes and dreams. 

So, how bad do you want it? 

Are you willing to take out a loan to finance your emerging talent? 
Maintain three part-time jobs to fulfill your full-time aspirations! Will you drop off the face of the earth for months at a time to focus on perfecting your amazing idea?  Or, possibly travel the world in search of remarkable new spices to create a sinfully delightful cookbook?  

Whatever your decision with it! Regrets and all, it's your life, after all!

J.R. Randle~

I look forward to presenting the Living Your Passion!, Series for the month of June! Upcoming, Women In Power and lastly Breathe It, Live It! 

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  1. I think you are right on the money -- so many people are afraid to reach out for what they want. What if they fail? What if they lose everything? The hardest part of the battle is overcoming that fear.

    I went to working part time to have plenty of time to write. It's a trade off, but it's one I'm willing to make to reach for my goals. Thanks for sharing this!

    I found your blog via bookblogs. Mine is
    I hope you can drop by!

  2. I found your blog through Book blogs and am now following it, mostly because this post jumped out at me :) I'm better than I used to be in this respect, but I still struggle with a fear of failure, and when that gets to be overwhelming it's poison to the creative mind. Also fear of failure can lead you to procrastinate and bring about your own failure as you put off working on your writing. Everyone needs to evaluate their own lives - there are expenses and obligations that need to be met - but there are also ways of making more time for what you love.

  3. Found your blog at book blogs as well and was incredibly impressed. This is a great blog with great inspirational meaning... love your way with words.


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