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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Lonely, Complicated and the Miserable!

As a writer, I've come to develop a community of lonely and complicated people in my stories. Possibly a mirror image of the people I connect with in my own life. It makes me think of my tag line when advertising my blog  site, "Come connect with me!"  How often do we connect with the people in our own lives?  What are our relationships really built on ...trust, loyalty, jealousy or deceit? What affect have we truly made on each other, are we held up to a different standard than the next person.  Am I valued for being a better person, due to my religious beliefs, or political views? Or, better yet...have I befriended a person solely based on their values or point of view?

In the past few weeks or so, I've come to ask myself these personal questions. I say personal, because their's a chance you may not like the answer to some of the questions provided. Honestly, it made me think differently. I realized how empty or lonely one can become, without personal enjoyment, life goals... guilty pleasures or challenges. Life becomes dull and uninspiring. Fortunately, for a writer even one's empty life may inspire the uninspired writer, in need of its perfect subject to dissect. Yes, it's true. I often find myself inspired by certain individuals and their unwillingness to connect, the loners and the complicated, who live miserable lives.  Who go on to impact the world with their misery and complexities. Recently, I found myself forced to connect with these people and it awakened an unusual tide of questions, more than the normal, agonizing with every thought!   "Why are you so angry?"...Why are you settling?" Why aren't you happy?" ....the list goes on and on. 

I find happiness in the smallest things. Welch's Real Fruit brings a smile to my face. The sun fighting the rain, brings joy to a weird day!  I’ll be the first to admit, bliss is not always a friend of mine. However, the difference is I fight for it, instead of engulfing myself in despair. 

Yet, miserable people with their miserable lives find it difficult to fall  into a positive abyss.  Impacting us all, within our families, and careers, schools or past times we run into these specific individuals. The characters' writer's like myself birth, mold and create only to subject them to awful and horrific experiences. They too, reside in this world inhaling and exhaling unpleasantries all while suffocating the rest of us with their unfortunate behavior and lack of consideration for the people they come to know.  

The question is how should we handle it? Should we choke on the bitterness that life sometimes reveals or forge ahead accepting that the Lonely, Complicated and Miserable will simply exist?                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Info, Please...

The Emotional Woman, is a literary novel that explores the complicated life of Zola Roberts, a young woman who suffers from a nervous breakdown after spending much of her time internally existing between two very unique worlds:

Haunting images of the past...

On the east side of Detroit, inside Bldg. 232, lies a depressing tiny two-bedroom unit, and its occupants: Coral Lincoln, a woman who is both emotionally and mentally unequipped to love and protect her daughter. Unable to cope with demons of her own, Coral continuously detaches herself from the life she shares with her daughter, Zola.  Life becomes even more damaging to Zola William’s young soul when Coral walks in on her lifeless husband, Ronnie Lincoln no longer seated in front of the television. But, yet just seconds away from molesting Zola. Inviting a monstrosity of turmoil into their worlds for years to come.  Leaving the two women to embark on a tormented journey that will forever impact their lives. 

Vulnerably existing in the present...

Zola Roberts finds herself conflicted by the triumphant career woman she portrays and the rewarding life she now leads. As wife to Houston Roberts, a successful marketing executive, and the love of her life. At thirty-two years old, Zola Roberts appears to have effectively created a new world, one that she’d never imagined. Still, desperately seeking refuge from the past she once lived. By keeping both worlds apart, locked away and unwilling to share. Zola, has worked meticulously hard with battling her demons. That is, until the day Houston shares his dreams of starting a family with his new wife, causing Zola’s two worlds to eventually collide. 

The Impact...

In fear of becoming like her mother and still in search of Coral’s love. Zola, desperately attempts to breakthrough the estranged relationship shared between she and Coral. Dangerously, placing Zola's sanity on the brink of madness, sending the Roberts' down a tortuous and turbulent path. As they fight to survive in a marriage threatened by mental illness, life-long secrets and suicide. Zola Roberts will have you endure the most unbearable moments of her life... in The Emotional Woman.