Year Thirty-Six

On the eve of my 37th birthday, I find myself thinking of Year 36. 
Have I accomplished all that I desired? Am I happier this year than the last? 
Have I inspired others to follow their passions as difficult as it may seem? During Year 36 ...have I given back to the world in the amount that I believed?  Have I lived the very best life that God has to offer unlimited abundance of bliss, prosperity, opportunity and love?
 Have I explored new continents, embraced unique people or relocated to an unimaginable location thousands of miles outside of my comfort? 

{I have so much more to accomplish}

{I am thankful to be alive}


{Although I expect to give more in Year 37}

{Although I expect to live more in Year 37}

No ...Yes ...Partially 

Good Bye, Sweet Year 36 

My time with you has definitely been adventurous! 
Excited, I await Magnificent Year 37 
J.R. Randle, Year Thirty-Six


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