Auntie Nettie, Incidents Revealed

Incidents Revealed, happens to be one of my favorite literary projects.
I started writing about the unusual life of Karmyn Washington and her family, over three years ago, while living in Ferndale, MI. This fabulous, funky and special location holds a dear place in my heart. Somehow I came alive, opened up and became feverish with new ideas, unique characters and unsettling story lines. Which brings me to Intervene, Ohio ... and the Washington Red-brick.
I hope you enjoy the Sneak Peek of Incidents Revealed. ~J.R. Randle 

Auntie Nettie, stood tall with her long legs the color of copper pennies. She had a smile that lasted a lifetime, and a shape that curved the way Blue Bird Drive had. My Auntie Nettie kept her hair in curls, where as; my Alma wore her’s long and straight. James Sr. said that when Alma and Auntie Nettie were in their teens they looked almost identical. You could barely tell them apart, then after I’d come along Alma gained a small pouch that James Sr. loved to hold on to at night. Alma didn’t take to that too much; although she knew it was the truth. Alma said, “That life had a way of turning you as hard as life was, and so Auntie Nettie with all of her traveling had become just that ...hard.” Alma said, “In her face, not in her smile, in the skin and the bottom of her feet as well as other places where the eyes of men roam and the secrets they share are not always revealed.” I’ve carried that very statement with me through my own life. ~Karmyn Washington, Incidents Revealed©EpiphanySoulPublishing, llc

J.R. Randle 



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